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Thank you for making our 1st dive the best experience ever, you came highly recommended and we will look forward to our return for another diving experience. You’re the best.

Danette & Chris
Seattle, WA

"Hi Karla,

It has been a couple of weeks since we got back from our trip to Mexico. I just want to thank you for making Chad's open water dives for his certification a pleasurable experience. I appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, safety, and your patience with a new diver. The open water dives were not only informative, they were also fun. He received his Open Water Diver card from PADI shortly after we returned home. Chad was very excited to receive it.

Thanks again,

Brent Weesies
Grand Rapids, MI

Paul, Susan & Lauren Westcott. June 2007

Seahorse, Paul Westcott Eel, Paul Westcott

"We never really had a favorite dive shop until we discovered Boca Divers!  They go way beyond personalized service; they make you feel like you're diving with good friends, not a commercial operation.  Our 6 dives over 3 days were fabulous!  Karla's expertise above and below the water is unsurpassed including her sharp eye in finding fascinating subjects for underwater photography.  The timing and dive site selection avoided all the crowds, giving us the freedom to roam the underwater world without intrusion.  

Although only a short bus ride away, Boca de Tomatlan is far removed from the hectic, mega-tourist zone in Puerto Vallarta and Boca Divers is far removed from your typical dive service.  Boca is
the real deal.  We will be back!  

Muchas Gracias!

Paul, Susan & Lauren Westcott
Phoenix, Arizona

"Dear Karla,
I wanted to thank you for all the personal attention you gave my new wife Sunda and I. The fact that it was just us, made it so personal that we felt like we were out with close friends for a day in the bay. I consider you more as friends than a guide. The patience you showed with Sunda on her first dive experience was incredible. If we would have been with one of the large tours I am sure they would have gave up and she would not have got to experience the beauty below that you allowed her to see. That is why I had to come back before I left and take the second dive wih you to Los Arcos. Your timing on that dive was perfect so that we avoided the big "cattle boats" of people. It made it incredible !! I would and will recommend you to anyone visiting the Puerto Vallarta area. I wish I had your job, it must so rewarding."

Martin Fitzgerald


"Thank you for the wonderful experience scuba diving. It was my favorite activity in Puerto Vallarta. Beyond your obvious experience and expertise, I really enjoyed being with people who are enthusiastic about the sea and scuba. It makes the experience much more enjoyable when your guides love what they do.

Thank you for suggesting the Discover Scuba Course for my first dive experience. It was the perfect experience for a short 1week vacation. It provided enough information for me to try out scuba and know that I definitely want to get certified in the future. Your instructions were clear and your confidence and attentiveness made me feel very comfortable.

My first day was so wonderful, that I was delighted to be able to do two more dives a few days later. I was surprised to see the large diversity of sea life at the sites that you selected for us. Karla, thank you for picking up on my desire to see manta rays and trying to select a site on our second day that would enable me to see them. It was very thoughtful of you.

Nghia, who is SSI certified, really enjoyed how much easier it was for us than during his training in Monterey California. We both appreciate the effort you both put into taking care of all the small details so we could concentrate on enjoying the experience.

Only having to share the course with one other diver and having the other 3 dives to our selves was fabulous. Needless to say it added to our level of comfort. Ha, ha, especially when I fell over in the boat. I'll remember to hold on to the side from now on. ;)

The best part? Floating on the surface about to face the fact that our exciting scuba adventure was coming to a close, when we see a humpback whale breach out of the water a hundred yards away. Later, thanks to the expert meneuvering of Shiraz boat, coming up close to the whale and seeing it's calf was magic!

A perfect ending to an unforgettable first scuba experience.

Thank you and we hope to see you again,
Nghia and Oanh Duong
Scuba dates 1/16/06 and 1/20/06

"We wanted to thank you for a fabulous diving experience!!!
First, the diving was great. We loved how you planned out different dive times to take into account the weather, the amount of traffic at certain dives sites and our schedules. Avoiding the "big boats" with the hoards of snorkelers and divers was really nice. We felt like we had the sites to ourselves! And because of that we saw turtles, eagle rays and a manta ray! And of course, millions of beautiful fish. Amazing!!!
In addition to the personalized attention, your knowledge and experience made us feel very relaxed. Karla was highly experienced diver that ensured our safety and the safety of the marine life.
Great suggestions for things to do and restaurants to visit. Boca de Tomatlan is a quaint little town not to be missed if you enjoy seeing "real" Mexico and not what the big resorts want you to see.
We would highly recommend Boca Divers. They are the best dive shop we have used! Thank you for everything."

Rob Schimberg & Tricia McCarthy

Denver, CO

We just wanted to thank you for a great dive experience! Our local dive shop tried to steer us towards one of the big guys, boy I’m glad I didn’t listen. Our boys loved Boca and the sights to and from the resort. They had fun on the boat watching all the fish. I recommended you to our local shop, and would recommend you to anyone looking to dive while in PV. We’ve already decided that on our next trip, we’ll be staying in Boca and your shop would be perfect for our oldest son’s first ocean dive."
Michael, Dawn, Austin & Cody Rohrs
Houston, TX

"Karla, I just wanted to say thank you for the great dives you took us on while we were on vacation. You have a great thing going there by making people happy and having fun doing it."

Jim Neighbors

"We had a wonderful time. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did they show us a great time diving, they gave us a lot of advise on things to do and places to eat in Puerto Vallarta. Would recommend them highly."

Janice Schmidt

"My second time in P.V. and my second trip with Karla & crew at Boca Divers. Wow... as good as the first time - I will return again!"

One of The Diving Denbows

Bay Area, Northern California.

"Dear Karla,
Thank you for our wonderful dive/snorkel experience this week! It was a special treat for all of our group. We appreciate your expertise, your careful attention to detail, and your thoughtfulness.
The two dive sites were so interesting and gave us two very different experiences. We enjoyed seeing the stingrays and starfish at Colomitos. Los Arcos was exciting with the varied terrain and the schools of tropical fish. The snorkelers in our group had a great time, too. They really appreciated all the support and expertise from the boat captain. Snorkeling from the boat provided a much better experince than snorkeling from shore.
We feel very lucky to have found your dive shop. Your outings are very unique. Having a small, intimate group is a big plus for us. Diving with you has added a new adventure to our list of activities to look forward to when we return. We will see you next year on our annual trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Thank you again, Karla!"
Susan, Teri, Fran, Doug

"Dear Karla,
Thanks for your your superb service, offering me a short-notice "tag-along" boat ride to snorkel in your beautiful bay earlier this month. Not only were your facilities and service superb, but your rate was only one third of what a boat taxi captain wanted to charge me. I would highly recommend your company for both snorkeling and scuba diving lessons.
I enjoyed my semi-private snorkeling outing and saw dozens of fish and even a large, spotted manta ray."
Steve Wiener
San Diego, California

"Dear Karla,

Thanks for a great dive trip, You took us to some awesome sights and respected our experience to give us the freedom to use our own training and enjoy our dive.
My wife and I both reflect back on our experience with you as our dive buddy / guide as a truly wonderful experience with personal service that never crowded us but made us feel welcome and comfortable.
We highly recommend your service to any we tell about it and for any who are in question.
Thanks again from us in the U.S. here in Louisiana."

Reggie and Mary Ann Malbrough

"Cindi and I would like to thank you for the wonderful day we spent
diving with you. Since it was only my second time diving I was a
little nervous and I'd like to thank you for the extra time you spent
pre-dive. Aside from all of the great things we got to see, it was a
real confidence builder for me. You really helped me feel relaxed so I
could enjoy myself underwater. I think your shop is the perfect place
for those of us that don't like to do the "herd travel" thing. In fact, I
plan on recommending you to my dive shop since they have never
dived in Puerto Vallarta and are always looking for great
divemasters to hook their clients up with.

We hope to see you again sometime! Best wishes in all your

Beth Bredlau
Madison, Wisconsin

Cindi Erickson
St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

"Dear Karla,

Thank you for a great tour during my very short visit to Puerto Vallarta. Coming in on the Cruise Ship and trying to get away from the cattle boats I thought would be really difficult and expensive but you made it a great experience. Your directions to the shop were easy to understand and the dive experience was beyond belief. If I am ever on a cruise again (not really my bag) I will not hesitate a second to E-mail you up and make reservations again. If someone reads this who is thinking of getting away from a cruise ship diving experience (diving with 100 of your closest beginning dive buddies) don't hesitate a millisecond to reserve a dive with Karla and Boca Divers. They really take care of you! "

Jim Dewey
Camas, Washington

"If you get a chance to dive in Puerto Vallarta, Boca Divers is the best dive shop. I have dove with Karla 5 years. She gives personalized service and attention to the divers. On this last visit we went to Chimo which had great visibility and tons of life. The night dive at Colomitos was fabulous. I'll be back to dive with her again."

Susan Andersen
San Jose, California.

"My thanks to Boca Diving for a fantastic dive day. While I consider myself somewhat of an experienced diver, their professional approach and attention to both pre-dive planning and the actual dives was appreciated. Two great dives were followed by a 3rd 45 minute dive watching as Manta after Manta swam over and around us, this was the highlight of my trip to PV.
If you want to avoid the "Cattle boat" syndrome and really enjoy your diving while in PV I highly recommend giving Boca Divers a call.

Jim Treadway
Hollister, CA

"When in P.V., we recommend Boca Divers. A bit out of town & a long way from the tourist dives. Friendly local dive masters in an old fishing village. That enhances the whole experience. A must do for the whole family to enjoy!! Karla is a joy and very fun to dive with."

The Diving Denbows
Bay Area, Northern California.

" Thanks for showing us diving in Mexico. We had a great time underwater and enjoying your company. I just went out today in Olympia, southern Puget Sound, with my drysuit ...water temp 55, vis 5 ft. not quite like where you are. We hope to get down that way again and we will look you up. I will highly recommend you for anybody going in your direction.
Thanks again."

Dave and Julie Darby
Washington State

"Boca Divers offered me personalized and professional instruction within a small group setting. Karla is a thorough and dynamic teacher and together with the boat captain, provided me with a scuba experience that was both fun and safe. I am looking forward to my next dive when I return -soon -to Boca Tomatlan!"

Judith Grieve
Vancouver, B.C.

"Boca Divers gave me the confidence to step up and and take on the sport of scuba. Their professional training and great attention to details enabled me to scuba with no fear. I strongly recommend their service!"

Joseph Laquerre
Vancouver, B.C.

"I had my first dive on one of the day cruise boats that offered a beginner dive as one of the activities. Wanted more, but had no time for certification. I called one of the big dive shops in town and got a rude run-around that I would need to take the beginner course again-tedious and expensive while on vacation. I then called Boca Dive shop. Karla was kind and very clear that I would only need to have a proper review. I did not have anyone in my party that wanted to go and no one else was signed up to go at that time, so it was a private session. This is the gold-plated way to go for someone that is not certified-but was cheaper than going on the day cruise again with the beginners!

Philip Davis
Alaska, USA

"There are many ways to enjoy your holiday in Puerto Vallarta. We choose not to stay at the hotel and the accompanying swimming pool and beach. We choose not to sign in for the many excursions operated by the large companies in Puerto Vallarta. By taking the local bus, taxi or watertaxi we were able to explore the fantastic surroundings of Puerto Vallarta. Remote beaches in or near small (fishermen) villages gave us the feeling not to be in a massive tourism resort. Boca Divers perfectly fits within this feeling. The village of Boca, the personal and professional guidance, the non-massive approach and the relaxed atmosphere made our diving trip a wonderful day."

Niki & Xander Smit
The Netherlands

"Bob and I greatly enjoyed our diving experience with Karla at Boca Divers. I believe it was my first dive in ten years, and I was a little apprehensive about it. However, Karla was so calm, professional and safety-conscious that I wasn't concerned at all by the time I got in the water. And the dive was fabulous! It was so beautiful. The sea life and sea plants were absolutely fantastic to look at - especially the big sea turtle we saw! I just wish we could have stayed longer and had more time to dive. I can't wait for my next time! On top of all that, they were wonderful people to spend time with, and a great source of information on what to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Bob and I would highly recommend Karla and Boca Divers to anyone!"

Kathy and Bob Tiffany
Hollister, CA

"We found the experience of diving with Boca Divers absolutely enjoyable and safe. Two out of the three of us had no scuba diving experience and found the instruction helpful and professional. The dive itself was suited to our wants and was simply fun. Karla was kind, highly competent, and professional throughout our experience and we would not hesitate to return to Boca Divers; it was truly one of our highlights while staying in Puerto Vallarta."

Liz & Jim Peterson & Bill Paul

"I am PADI certified, but had not dived for 11 years. We were in PV for Thanksgiving week and since this was my first time near an ocean since the last time I dove, I just had to find a dive shop to take me out again.

I passed by Boca Divers on Thanksgiving Day, after a boat trip to Yelapa. I talked to Karla about arranging a dive, but told her that I had not dove in 11 years. Karla told me that she could give me a refresher course prior to a dive. I got her business card and told her I'd call to arrange a dive in the next couple of days.

After talking to the owner of the house in which we stayed, and finding out that the locals considered Boca Divers to be a safe and reputable dive shop, my brother-in-law and I scheduled a two-tank dive for the following day. Karla provided us with a refresher session in her shop prior to the dive. We felt very comfortable with Karla and her instructions. We had two very nice dives, at Colomitos and Los Arcos. Karla was patient and instructive with us. She also kept close track of us as we were less experienced and hadn't been diving in a while. Our dives with Karla were enjoyable and comfortable. I would recommend her shop to anyone visiting PV. "

Scott Martenson
Elmhurst, IL

"Dear Karla,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful excursion last Thursday. We all had a wonderful time, and certainly plan to dive with you again if we are in Puerto Vallarta in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Best regards,

Matt Harmer & family


"On our last trip through Mexico we enjoyed scuba diving and snorkeling at many locations, from Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo north to Puerto Vallarta. Our best diving experiences began after finding Boca Divers, Karla and her support staff. Karla's conscientious approach is focused on the safety of her clients; while still providing a fantastic adventure on each dive."

John & Martha Silva
Fresno, California

"My one to one dive charter with Karla, at Boca Divers was my first ever shore dive and with her guidance it was a pleasant experience. Her attention to detail was much appreciated. At the end of the kayak trip back to Boca I asked if I could learn how to properly take care of the scuba gear and she graciously walked me through the process. Thank you for taking the time to do that. My wife Pat and I are back into our busy routine here in Canada but we still have fond memories of our stay in Boca de Tomatlan."

Murray Owen

"You have a choice with whom you dive with. You can go out on a big boat for the normal tourist dive, or you can go with Karla (Boca Divers), where every dive is special. Both the novice diver, and the experienced diver, will enjoy the dive." 

Larry McKinnon
Northern California

Background: Las Iglesias ~ Chimo dive site ~

"Making my scuba dive with Boca Divers was the exciting highlight of our vacation. Karla's instructions on equipment and procedures were very professional and thorough with the emphasis on safety. She is an outstanding divemaster, who clearly loves life and is completely at home the underwater world. She put me completely at ease, while progressively guiding me through each step of the dive and carefully observing my performance throughout our dive. It all went extremely well and was a lot of fun! I am eagerly looking forward to my next dive with my amigos at beautiful Boca." 

Frank Frey
Maple Valley, Washington

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